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1. 我們維持我們的看法——即政府提出的一地兩檢安排,將無可避免地違反基本法。

2. 政府的一地兩檢計劃將會立下香港在1997年主權移交後的最壞先例。因為此例一開,行政機關將繞過《基本法》的眾多條款及程序,而該些條款及程序原意為保障「一國兩制」基本方針、香港高度自治及香港人享有的基本人權。《基本法》將成為一紙空談,並可任由政府肆意扭曲以達致其政治目的。法政匯思堅信任何明顯直接違反基本法明文規定的決定或詮釋,將會損害香港長久以來建立的法制及賴以成功的法治。一地兩檢的建議及行政機關試圖推行的方法,實際上等同於法令統治, 對香港的經濟及有賴法治建立的國際金融中心的聲譽,最終只會弊多於利。

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1. We maintain our view that the co-location arrangement will inevitably violate the Basic Law (BL).

2. The Government’s co-location proposal would set the worst precedent since the handover in 1997 for the Executive can now circumvent all the provisions and procedures laid down in the BL which are designed to safeguard the basic policy of “one country two systems”, high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong and fundamental human rights afforded to Hong Kong people. The BL would become nothing more than a collection of empty words that can be twisted by the Government at will to suit its political goals. We maintain that any decision or interpretation in clear and direct contravention of the plain wording of the BL would damage the well-established legal system and rule of law of Hong Kong. The co-location proposal and the way the Executive has intended to implement the same effectively amount to a rule by decree, which would ultimately cause more harm than benefit to the economy of Hong Kong and its reputation as a global financial centre governed by rule of law.

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