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  1. 法政匯思就香港特區政府、建制派政團及媒體對香港大學法律系副教授戴耀廷(下稱「戴教授」)於2018 年3 月24 日在台灣發表的言論,作出毫無根據的指控深表不安。
  2. 法政匯思認為將戴教授的意見詮釋為鼓吹香港獨立是不恰當及與事實不符。
  3. 尤其重要的是,香港政府有責任捍衛基本法第 27 條及 34 條明文保護的言論及學術自由。此外,基本法第 39 條規定香港政府實施《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》。法政匯思強調下列《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》及《香港人權法案》中香港政府必須恪守的條款: 第 2 條第 2 項 [對應《香港人權法案》第 1 條第 1項] 及第 19 條第 1 及 2 項 [對應《香港人權法案》第 16 條]。
  4. 這些得到基本法、《香港人權法案》及《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》保障的權利是香港法治、經濟繁榮乃至於長遠持續發展的基石。法政匯思相信香港政府向戴教授作出的指控,不但與這些原則背道而馳,更會在學術界及市民之間產生寒蟬效應。
  5. 因此,法政匯思促請香港政府撤回就戴教授言論發出的聲明,並向他公開道歉及停止對他作出恫嚇及攻擊。
  6. 法政匯思將繼續密切關注是次事件的發展及其他侵犯言論自由的事宜。我們呼籲其他公民團體及市民就越益狹小的政治空間保持警覺,因為歷史重複告訴我們,當權者針對個別異見人士的意見作出攻擊,就是大規模迫害人權的開始。


2018 年 4月 3 日

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  1. The Progressive Lawyers Group (the “PLG​”) is deeply troubled by the groundless accusations levelled against Mr. Benny Tai Yiu-ting, associate law professor at the University of Hong Kong (“Prof. Tai​”), by the Hong Kong SAR Government (the “Government​”), other pro-establishment political groups and media over comments given by Prof. Tai at a seminar in Taiwan on 24th March 2018.
  2. The PLG believes the interpretation of Prof. Tai’s comments as advocating the independence of Hong Kong is inappropriate and factually incorrect.
  3. It is important to note that the Government is obligated to uphold freedom of speech and academic freedom, which are expressly protected under Articles 27 and 34 of the Basic Law. Furthermore, Article 39 of the Basic Law requires the Government to give effect to the International Covenant of the Civil and Political Rights (“ICCPR​”). The PLG highlights the following relevant articles under the ICCPR and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights (“HKBOR​”) which should be upheld by the Government, namely, Article 2 paragraph 2 [Article 1(1) of HKBOR] and Article 19 paragraphs 1 and 2 [Article 16 of HKBOR].
  4. These guaranteed rights under the Basic Law, HKBOR and the ICCPR form the bedrock of Hong Kong’s rule of law and its economic success and long term viability. The PLG believes that accusations made by the Government against Prof. Tai not only fly in the face of these principles, but they also have a chilling effect on other academics and citizens in Hong Kong.
  5. The PLG therefore urges the Government to retract its statement regarding Prof. Tai’s remarks, issue a public apology to him and cease its intimidation and attacks against him.
  6. The PLG will continue to monitor the development of this and other incidents of encroachment on free expression. It calls on other advocacy groups and fellow citizens to remain vigilant on the shrinking space of political discourse, as history has demonstrated time and again that wholesale assaults on human rights often begin with isolated attacks on opinions that do not accord with those in power.

The Progressive Lawyers Group

3rd April 2018

PDF Version: https://goo.gl/XqP4va