Transport chief defends transparency of co-location plan

Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan said the government has been doing its best to make the co-location deal between Hong Kong and mainland China as transparent as possible. He dismissed criticism that the co-location arrangement is a “black box” operation, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports. Barrister Chris Ng Chung-luen, a spokesperson for the Progressive Lawyers Group, said Hong Kong courts might refuse to accept any challenge against the plan once it is approved and endorsed by the NPCSC, to the detriment of ”one country, two systems”.

黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡談法治及權力分立 (Talk on separation of powers and rule of law)

近日我們的成員黃啟暘、鄭焯謙及何旳匡到香港兆基創意書院與數班該校的中四學生分享法治及權力分立的概念。 法政匯思非常樂意與學術機構進行法律問題的探討,並期待未來更多合作。