Three Years After Occupy, Hong Kong Democracy Movement Stalled, ‘Divided’

Hundreds of democracy activists protested outside government headquarters in Hong Kong on Thursday, marking the third anniversary of the start of the Occupy Central campaign for fully democratic elections that brought hundreds of thousands onto the city's streets at its height. Kevin Yam, convenor of the pro-democracy Progressive Lawyers Group, said the struggle for democracy in the former British colony was unlikely to be achieved quickly, however. "This isn't a flash in the pan; it's going to take a lot of ongoing, hard work from everyone," Yam said. "We will have to swallow our anger and work patiently."

928三週年 (Third Anniversary of 9.28)

今日,法政匯思聯同各專業團體延續傘運精神,重返金鐘連儂牆,向同路人派發單張,並為守護公義基金籌款。在各同路人的鼎力支持下,我們今日共籌得港幣 $19,641元正。所得款項將全數捐助守護公義基金,支持DQ4 議員。