Hong Kong’s media must show more sensitivity when reporting on domestic violence

A murder-suicide case shocked Hong Kong last week. Last Monday, a man allegedly killed his wife at a luxury apartment building in Yau Ma Tei before taking his own life. The police said the husband had moved out of their home on Friday after the wife discovered he had been cheating and demanded a divorce.

Beijing gnaws at rule of law in Hong Kong

The decision by Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal to drastically and retroactively increase the sentences of activists Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law has prompted widespread international concern. Unsurprisingly, suggestions in international op-ed pages that Hong Kong had created its first political prisoners have prompted a strident public backlash. Commentators ranging from Hong Kong officials and committed Beijing apologists to retired judges and senior members of the legal profession have dismissed suggestions that Hong Kong’s judicial independence has been undermined. Yet the focus of public commentary on the role of the judiciary should not obscure three lingering questions about the future of rule of law in Hong Kong.