【Hongkongers 看廿載變化.5】澳洲律師:因為雨傘運動,我才意識到自己香港人的身份

驟眼看來,不少人可能認為這位居港澳籍人士戴安通(Antony Dapiran)是一個矛盾的人。他的專業是位律師,更曾協助中國4大銀行其中兩家來港上市,亦擁有許多內地客戶。但同時,他以記者身份在雨傘運動中走到最前,於2014年9月28日被催淚彈擊中。不僅如此,他還著書立說,講述香港的公民抗命史,由六七暴動追溯到雨傘運動,趕及今年七一出版。一個日常工作與內地密不可分的律師,竟然也是香港公民社會的活躍分子。

What Does Xi Jinping Intend for Hong Kong?

(ChinaFile) Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong on Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of the July 1, 1997 return of the territory to China from the United Kingdom. Since the handover, many Hong Kongers have chafed under Beijing’s rule—tensions that culminated with the Umbrella Revolution in late 2014, when tens of thousands of citizens called for a more participatory form of government for their semi-autonomous territory of roughly 7.5 million people. What’s next for Beijing’s relationship with Hong Kong, and for the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”? Progressive Lawyers Group members Alvin Cheung and Antony Dapiran contributed to this conversation.

Meet Hong Kong as it really is, with Mainlanders moving in, Hong Kongers emigrating

(The Australian Financial Review) Mornings in Hong Kong are like in no other city. For a city that heaves with a seemingly incessant energy, the start of every day presents a pause. Commuters have not yet flooded the subway system, the shopping malls are not yet open, the roads largely empty of traffic. A delivery boy weaves his shaky bicycle across the tram lines, a basket of vegetables hanging off the handlebars. Elderly enthusiasts brandishing aluminium broad swords practise tai chi in a park. Down a side street, a taxi driver with a bucket and cloth scrubs down his gleaming red cab. Men linger with their newspapers over cups of tea and a breakfast of dim sum. Out on the harbour, a lone sampan crosses the sun-dappled water. In a city in hyper-aware of time – of dates, and countdowns, and anniversaries – at this time of day, time itself seems to dissolve.



Response to Zhang Dejiang’s and Rao Geping’s Speeches in Relation to the 20th Anniversary of the Implementation of the Basic Law (法政匯思回應張德江及饒戈平有關基本法實施20周年的講話)

Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the National People’s Congress and Rao Geping, Chinese representative member of the Basic Law Committee have recently and respectively made important speeches in relation to the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Basic Law. The Progressive Lawyers Group (“PLG”) is deeply disturbed by some of the contents of these speeches, believing that they are in contradiction to the “One Country, Two Systems” framework stipulated by the Basic Law.