Wilson Leung, the newly elected International Liaison Officer of the Progressive Lawyers Group, spoke at a press conference given by China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. Wilson explained why Hong Kong lawyers should care about human rights lawyers in China: not only there is a moral duty to support our colleagues who protect the rule of law, it is also about preserving our own livelihood – the weaker the rule of law, the less the need for lawyers.

Relevant link to China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group 中國維權律師關注組:

About Day of the Endangered Lawyer: 

With the initiative of Dutch lawyer Hans Gaasbeeka and since 2010, a group of lawyers in Europe made 24 January the Day of Endangered Lawyers, which commemorates the perils of lawyers during the Spanish fascists in Madrid in 1977.

Over the past years, it has become an occasion for lawyers to express their support to their counterparts at risk in countries including Turkey, Honduras and the Philippines.

For this year, the Day is dedicated to the lawyers in China, all those who have been harassed, silenced, detained, tortured and even disappeared as they defend human rights, especially for the disadvantaged, while performing their professional duties as lawyers.

Find out more about the Day of Endangered Lawyer here: http://dayoftheendangeredlawyer.eu/