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This weekend, we have received enquiries from friends both inside and outside the legal profession as to what response we have to comments this weekend by Bar Association Chairperson, Ms Winnie Tam, in relation to get the SCNPC interpretation. Rest assured, the Progressive Lawyers Group will not remain silent.  

In recent days, members of the Progressive Lawyers Group have been hard at work in preparing a set of specific submissions in relation to the SCNPC interpretation. Once the SCNPC issues its interpretation tomorrow, we will work to finish the submissions and get it translated as soon as possible, with the hope that we can release our submissions on Tuesday. Our analysis will inevitably touch on some of the things that Ms Tam had said (but we will not focus our attention on Ms Tam as such, as we prefer to stay on the issues and not engage in any personal attacks).

We are just a small group, and our manpower is limited. But on important constitutional issues, we will not be cowered, and will try our best in utilising our legal professional knowledge to speak out in the interests of the Hong Kong public.  

Progressive Lawyers Group
6 November 2016