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如上年一樣,我們在明天的七一遊行中會擺街站,地點為灣仔軒尼詩道昌業大廈附近。到時我們會拿正牌做小販,賣以下這本有梁振英與不同建制律師的法、政「金句」的記事簿(請看以下照片 – 萬分感謝設計師Kit Man為我們設計!),為法政匯思日常運作開支籌募經費,每本$100。希望大家多多支持!如果大家想對這本記事簿知多啲,請看以下報章的有關報導:



As with last year, we will this year once again have a street stand along the route of the 1 July protest march. Our stand this year will be at or near Cheong Ip Building on Hennessy Road in Wanchai, during which we will raise funds for our group by selling a notepad (please see photos below – a big thanks to graphic designer Kit Man for helping us with this!) containing memorable quotes from CY Leung and various pro-establishment lawyers. The notepad is priced at $100 each. Please come and support us tomorrow! 

If you want to know more about the notepad, please read the following report from the South China Morning Post (the story on our notepad is the second item in the piece):

Kit Da Sketch – Kit Man