The Lies of the “Ministry of Truth”: How the Mainland wipes away memories of June 4

As an immigrant under Hong Kong’s “Mainland Talent and Professionals” scheme (內地人才計劃), on the day I obtained Hong Kong permanent residency, I felt as though I could breathe more easily. Unless you have lived in the place I grew up and received most of my education – the Mainland – you will not appreciate the immense sense of relief I felt “escaping” from a country plagued with lies.

法政匯思短評:關於頭條日報在2015年6月3日社論 —「爛舌議員 語言暴力始作俑者」的回應 (Short Commentary regarding Headline Daily’s Commentary of 3 June 2015 Titled “Swearing Legco Member, the Instigator of Verbal Abuse”)

頭條日報今日在社論稱,陳志全議員早前於港鐵內被兩位女士以粗言穢語謾罵其性取向一事是「自作自受」、「自食其果」。頭條日報社論不但未有為受害人仗義執言,反而為散播「語言仇恨」者護航,言論令人齒冷。 如陳議員未曾在立法會內「爆粗」,該社論卻意圖將其他議員的行為歸咎於陳議員,把陳議員定性為「『爆粗』議員」」以蒙混公眾視線,就有可能構成誹謗。